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Dinner Select was started in 2005 when our founder's second child was 6 months old and her oldest was two and a half. Feeling overwhelmed with working full-time and trying to fit in quality family time. One of her biggest struggles was managing weeknight meals, the family dinners. When she'd get home after work there was only a short window of time for a family dinner before the kids' bath at 7:00 followed by their bedtime at 8:00.  

Like many families organizing and planning for all the family needs was a daunting task. Not having time to plan the family meals typically meant going to the grocery store several times a week. Sometimes she had to go shopping after the kids went in bed - that was often the only time she managed to plan dinners and even then only one or two days ahead. In many cases there were no plans at all. On those days there were normally only two choices, either run to the store to get something (or missing ingredients), or worse, the expensive and often unhealthy choice of delivery or dining out.

This whole process caused a lot of stress during an already limited amount of family time during the work week. So she came up with the idea of developing a list of about 20 easy meals. Each week she would circle five meals on the list. She shopped for these meals on the weekends then posted the M-F dinner menu on the refrigerator.  

This new organized approach simplified her life greatly and increased the amount of quality time she had with her family every night. Now when they arrived home after work they already had all the ingredients to start cooking. There were no last minute cell phone calls discussing "What are we having for dinner tonight?" They managed to have a healthy dinner on the table by 6:00 or 6:30 every night that they were able to enjoy as a family! They could even relax with some quiet time after the kids went to bed rather than making a run to the store.

She knew there were other families that shared similar challenges with dinnertime, even those with a stay-at-home parent and families with older kids. This was the motivation for this simple (but great!) idea many happy subscribers know today as Dinner Select. Dinner Select is a user-friendly online dinner planning tool with an extensive list of easy, diverse recipes you too can enjoy.

We are very proud of Dinner Select and sincerely hope you give it a try and find it to be a valuable resource helping you relax and enjoy delicious meals with your family each and every week. Start EASY meal planning now!


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