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Reusable Grocery Bags

Make a difference by not using as many disposable plastic grocery bags. Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags are easy to use and good for the environment too. We use them, it’s easy. After you take your groceries into the house and unpack them, just put the reuesable canvas grocery bags back into your trunk, or the back side pockets in your minivan (yeah we have young families too). It’s an easy habit to get into. Help us make a difference and feel good while you’re doing it. These cloth bags are: 14” W x 13 ½ “H x 5” D, with 16” Carry handles and a 5” gusset. Only $5.00 S&H, any order.

One Reusable Grocery Bag

We know you care about your quality of life, it's probably one of the reasons you like to cook at home. Another way to make a difference is to use "Reusable Grocery Bags". By using reuesable grocery bags you can help eliminate thousands of plastic and paper shopping bags from choking our planet. It's easy and it feels good too. Go Green!

Price: $4.95

Two Reusable Grocery Bags

Two is even better than one.

Price: $8.95

Three Reusable Grocery Bags

Three is ......

Well, you get the point.

Price: $12.95

Four Reusable Grocery Bags

Price: $16.95

Five Reusable Grocery Bags

Order five reusable bags and get the best price. You can always give them to a friend to help out!

Price: $19.95

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