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 ♦ Frequently Asked Questions ♦

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What makes your service better than other recipe sites? We are proud of all the features (photos for every dinner idea, lots of fresh ingredients, ability to review recipes, diversity in recipes, and more) that make Dinner Select a great meal planning service.  We think one feature in particular sets us apart: the ability to "swap" weekly suggestions with your own recipes or with a previous week's favorite meal.  This flexibility makes our meal planning tool more practical for weekly use, and based on your selections (even when swapped) the shopping list automatically adjusts saving you time at the store.

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“I am nearing the end of my
3 month trial, and am realizing
how bummed I would be if it
lapsed!  All of your recipes are so easy, delicious and diverse, that I don't want to go back to the time consuming process of Google searching for recipes again!"
Fran M., Florida

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Does Dinner Select offer special diet (e.g. low calorie or low fat) menus? Dinner Select does not provide nutrition information for our dinners, so we don't have the ability to filter only low calorie/low fat dinners. We believe that good nutrition comes from eating a wide variety of foods in moderation during the course of several consecutive meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. Our service focuses on inspiring variety at dinner-time.

What do you mean by vegetarian? Dinner Select vegetarian dinners are designed for both exclusive vegetarians and meat-eaters who enjoy an occasional meatless main course.  Our vegetarian dinners include vegan and non-vegan.  Some of our vegetarian dinners use dairy and eggs.

I have a new e-mail address, how do I make sure my Friday e-mails are sent to my new address? Subscribers can update their e-mail address any time in their “MY PREFERENCES” page.

Can I add my own recipes to Dinner Select?  Yes. Go to your “MY FAVORITES” page and follow the instructions. Your ingredients will also appear on the grocery list!

Can I change my recipe serving size and my entrée choices?  Subscribers can change their preferences for serving size and combination of beef, fish / seafood, pork, poultry, and vegetarian. Menus are generated each Thursday evening, midnight U.S. Eastern Standard Time based on the preferences in place at that time.

Will my credit card automatically be charged for renewing my subscription? Yes. Your subscription will renew automatically two weeks prior to the end of your subscription period unless you contact us to cancel. We will send you a confirmation email with your new expiration date. We do this for your convenience and to ensure you don't miss even one week. Additionally, this process makes sure you get the low renewal rate. We will always respect your desire to terminate your subscription at any time.

Will the Dinner Select menus eventually repeat? Yes the recipes will rotate over time, although new recipes are being added frequently. Depending on the combination you choose, at the end of a 13-week subscription, you will have recipes for 50-90 new dinner menus. We believe the value of Dinner Select is not just in the offering of new tasty recipes (similar to a cookbook or magazine), but even more so as an easy and fun tool that helps take the stress out of mealtime by facilitating advance meal planning. Most people don’t want to cook 365 different meals in a year; instead most typically like to repeat their favorites. Dinner Select lets subscribers save their favorites and even enter their own recipes. Then each Friday subscribers can check out the Dinner Select suggestions and decide which meals to cook – either the Dinner Select suggestions for the week or one of their favorites or a combination. The menu, recipes and grocery list will contain only what subscribers have selected.

When I click the “VIEW/PRINT” button to print my recipes and grocery list, nothing happens. A separate window should pop up containing the items checked (menu, recipes, grocery list) when you click the view/print button. So if that window is not appearing, then you probably have an anti-virus pop-up blocker turned on. Once you turn it off (indicating that Dinner Select is a safe site) then it will work.  

How do I add Dinner Select to my email contact or safe senders list?
To ensure that you recieve emails from Dinner Select, please add us to your contact list or safe senders list. To learn how to add Dinner Select to your contact list or safe senders list, see Adding Dinner Select to Safe Senders List.

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