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    ♦ Welcome to Dinner Select - Your source of meal planning ideas ♦

Do you dread the words, "What's for dinner tonight?" Do you find yourself frequently making last minute frozen pizzas or packing your family into the mini-van and trucking them to the nearest drive-through? Wouldn't it be nice to come home every night knowing what's on the dinner menu and that the ingredients are ready and waiting? Then you will especially appreciate the Dinner Select quick meal planning service.

Enjoy priceless family time, save money and eat more healthfully by cooking dinner at home. Dinner Select sends weekly dinner menu recipes that are delicious, diverse and easy to prepare. You can even customize your meal plans by swapping suggestions with dinner ideas from previous weeks or with your own family's personal favorite recipes. 

There has never been a better time to get started. Join now and also recieve handy reusable grocery bags with your one year subscription! 

      "Thanks so much for your help and again, I LOVE Dinner Select!   It has made my life so much easier.” Kris., Georgia  
      "I've found some great recipes.  I would recommend Dinner Select to others either for menu planning or recipes.” 
Cathy., Wisconsin
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Quick Weeknight Dinner Ideas

Dinner Select sends you 7 easy weeknight dinner ideas each week. Our menu suggestions are suitable for weeknight meals because they can be ready in less than 60 minutes or by using a slow cooker. There is even a full color photo of each meal.

Easy Delicious Recipes

It is designed to help you avoid the stress associated with the daily question, "What's for Dinner?" so that you can relax and enjoy dinner at home with your family. Dinner Select provides delicious, easy-to-shop-for and simple-to-prepare weekly menu ideas. You will receive 7 complete family dinner plans with recipes and shopping list via email weekly.

Your Preferences

If you're vegetarian, receive only meat-free dinner recipes. Or select poultry, beef, pork, fish/seafood, vegetarian, or any combination. Select your serving size of 2, 4, 6 or 8. You're weekly menu suggestions will match your preferences. Check out this weeks dinner menu with three popular combinations.

Fresh Ingredients

Dinner Select stands alone as the meal planning service with the best package of diverse recipes favoring fresh ingredients with user-friendly customization and flexibility. Read more about shopping for ingredients.

Smart Shopping List

Dinner Select recipes are diverse, healthy and delicious. They are also easy-to-shop-for and simple-to-prepare. Users can rate recipes and read each others' reviews. See sample recipe reviews here.

Scan the seven weekly suggestions, then select one meal or all seven. You can even substitute a weekly suggestion with a previous week's favorite, or swap a meal with one of your own recipes! The grocery list automatically adjusts to include whatever meals you select. See sample weekly dinner menu with integrated shopping list.

Free Bonus

In addition to the weekly dinner recipes, all subscribers also have access to selected fun special occasion menus, including: Traditional Family Thanksgiving Dinner; Backyard 4th of July Cookout; Specialty Cheese Tray Dinner with Friends; and more. Each meal has photo and complete shopping list. Click here to find out more about our meal plan subscriptions.

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Six Great Reasons
To Try Dinner Select!

All our quick and easy weekly meal suggestions can be prepared in less than an hour with the exception of a few slow cooker meals. Avoid last minute trips to the grocery store to get a missing ingredient. Shop once a week with the time-saving categorized shopping list.

Eat More Healthy

By cooking at home rather than dining out, you control the portions and ingredients. Dinner Select recipes contain plenty of grains and vegetables.

Save Money

Just think how much less expensive it is to prepare meals at home rather than having dinner in a restaurant! And save money at the grocery store too by planning ahead with a weekly shopping list that helps avoid buying extra items that go unused.

No More Boring Meals

You will be inspired to try new, delicious, healthy and diverse simple dinner ideas. You'll even see a photo of each meal suggestion. It's a great way to break up the dinner time routine.


Dinner Select helps inspire you to plan meals ahead so you can relax, enjoy dinner with your family again, and not worry about the question, "Whats for dinner tonight?"

Enjoy Dinner With Your Family

Studies show that children who have dinner together with their parents are healthier, happier, and better students. Dinner Select helps busy parents plan a variety of balanced family meals every week.


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